This September, we’re gathering a community of bold, creative, quirky and passionate world-changers to bring clean water to 50,000 people around the world. Join us.

I wanna be a part of it! Wait. What’s September Campaign? Six Summits Ride for Water

Every September, we celebrate charity: water’s birthday by rallying our supporters around one huge, ambitious goal. This year, it’s clean water for 50,000 people around the globe, and you can do anything you know how to do to be part of the campaign!

Count me in! I don’t know. Sounds crazy. Tony Hawk 44th Birthday

Well we think it’s crazy that 748 million people around the world still live without clean water! Doing something about that doesn’t seem so crazy to us.

You’re right... I’m in! Let me think about it. Cosette Paintings with a Purpose