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Hi friend,
we have an update on your donation.
Last year you donated to help bring clean and safe water to people in need.
100% of your money was sent to Cambodia.

It was pooled with other donations made at that time and used to help about 100,000 people in Cambodia get access to safe drinking water, improved sanitation and hygiene training.
Map and stats for Cambodia.
About 14.5 million people live in Cambodia and nearly 40% lack access to clean drinking water. Diarrheal disease is a leading cause of death here, especially for kids.

Thanks to you, our local partner, Samaritan's Purse, and their implementing partner, Clear Cambodia, are busy helping communities build 16,000 household BioSand filters. A BioSand filter consists of layers of sand and gravel that filter out 99% of harmful bacteria in dirty water. Each BioSand filter costs about $60 and can serve a family of five people.

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How the program works:

Families in rural areas hear about the BioSand filter initiative from our partners before it arrives in their community. At that time, each family has the choice to sign up for the program. Participation is optional because our partners want to make sure benefitting families are committed to construction, maintenance and use. Being a part of the program means they'll have to do some work, and even contribute some of their own money for construction. On a designated day, family members come to a temporary construction site chosen by our partners and work all day to build their own BioSand filter. We encourage this kind of participation because we believe if they build it themselves, they'll be more likely to take ownership of it, and care for it long after we're gone. During the day, families also receive hygiene and sanitation training by our partners' staff.

It will take about 18 months for our partner to finish construction, train communities and report back on the 16,000 household BioSand filters you helped fund. Then, we'll publish the completed project reports on Google Maps here »

We honor the chance to use your money to help people in need. Thank you for your donation.

--the charity: water team

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